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Gary Cerveny

Gary Cerveny has lived in New Mexico since 1974. He has been inspired by the beauty of the land, the majesty of the skies, and the spirit that abounds here. Art in one form or another, be it music, woodworking or photography has always been a part of the fabric of his life. For many years he delighted others with his finely crafted furniture and cabinetry. His current artistic expression is focused on photography.

Gary’s eye for beauty and his talent in composition are clearly evident in his photographic images. His hope is that these images will speak to your heart and give you a sense of wonder for God’s creation. We all see the world through our own unique window.

My photography represents the way I perceive this world we call the land of enchantment. I believe that the play of light and shadow caught in a moment, printed in two dimensions, will give you a sense of wonder as you walk through this land.

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